Unlock customer centric growth for your business.

Beliv.io is a customer survey platform with highly flexibile possibilities to support your online business by providing inputs for ecommerce conversion rate optimization and offline customer experience. The platform interfaces cover all digital touchpoints along the customer journey from initial inquiry to purchase and loyalty management. There's no better way to make business decisions than relying on direct feedback from the market and implement data driven continous development improvements.

Mobile & desktop friendly
Built for mobile first: IOS & Android. Works perfectly in any browser.
Customizable style
Our surveys can be embedded to match your desired look and feel, style and CSS.
Custom variables supported
Pass custom variables from your backend into the survey content and we'll display them seamlessly.
Wide range of options for quantitive and qulitiative customer surveys.
Custom logic flow
Implement a decision tree of questions based on previous answers from the customer.
API data export
Export your surveys in JSON via secure API endpoints and webhooks in realtime.
GDPR compliant
Secured data privacy compliance and total control over your data. No 3rd party cookie hassle.
Marketing automation ready
Works with every email sending service and your favorite marketing automation platform.

Make the most of your customers' NOs

While everybody is obssesed with the conversion rate, we are more focused on the dropoff rate. There's a big source of knowledge in the 90%+ visitors who don't convert. You might be paying for their visits, but nobody is asking them anything.

We'll help you understand "Why people leave?" and provide answers to other annoying questions like:

  • What reasons customers keep to avoid buying from you?
  • What improvements to your online store should you do to lower the dropoff rate?
  • Are there any significant segments of visitors that you are not aware of and thus not addressing?
  • What kind of moments of truth your site has where people abandon it?
  • How to silence the loudest person in the office and listen to customers more?
  • How to avoid congnitive biases of your ecommerce department?
  • How to find the right direction of your continuous improvements of your online business?

We work with industry best practices and science

Our progress is based on agile principles. First we analyze your online business store, site or application for the most obvious dropoff sources and provide you with the findings. Then we install a minimally invasive script to your site and run the data collection for certain period of time for the initial discovery of the voice of your customers. Your online business will not be affected in this time.

In recognizing the patterns we rely on:

  • holistic evaluation of information and behavioral data
  • design thinking techniques
  • NPS, CSAT; CLVT and benchmarking
  • big data, data science and machine learning
  • social statistics: survey research, regression analysis, multilevel modeling and time series analysis

... but we always start with "I don't know ...what I don't know, yet". Every exploration project is unique, as is your business.

Periodically, we organize individual explanatory sessions with our clients to discuss about findings and possible solutions. Improvements are measured and validated at the end of each customer feedback iteration.

Your takeaways

Expect new insights on how customers percieve your online business. We present discoveries business 1st, meaning our primary clients are founders, CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, Product owners, ecommerce and project managers - basically decision makers on all levels that pursue business KPIs. Secondly, our insights are developers friendly with effortless technical interpretation - usable by your internal IT departments or outsourced development teams.

We believe our clients should drive the customer experience on external touchpoints. Every project we do will level-up the customer experience activites inside our client's organization via:

  • live presentation of identified insights
  • identification of business waste and gaps you are not covering (even new customer personas)
  • tailor-made improvement User Stories that you can move directly into your Product development backlog
  • expert support with improvement refinement
  • statistical validation of improvements' success
  • all the data collected is yours
  • real-time access via APIs (real-time) or manually downloadable from portal
  • other insights useful for your Risk management, Customer support, non-digital Sales